Passion Creates Profits

How would you rate the level of passion in your organization?  
High enough to generate unimagined profit and growth?


By building a culture that stimulates employee pride and commitment, customer loyalty is won and the number of profitable customers increased.  Enterprises of all shapes and sizes right across the industry spectrum emerge from the Passion creates Profits© program as Future Winners.


Passion creates Profits has an initial duration of six months which is often at the cleint's request extended to a full year.

The programme will be led by your CEO and facilitated by FWI programme leaders. 

Your commitment will be to

  • A survey using FWI methodology undertaken by your executives to determine your organisation's internal and external future potential
  • An initial three day workshop, a two day workshop every two months
  • Implement five activities between workshops
  • Embed the Strategic GamePlan© as a way of life thus becoming a strategy focused organisation  

Key outcomes

  • Entire company moves towards the same goals with commitment
  • Managers become leaders prized for caring and their motivational skills
  • Profit, productivity, morale, self motivation, safety and attendance rise
  • Mistakes and waste are reduced
  • Increased customer loyalty / retention
  • Loyal high-value customers trigger the profit and growth that will turn your new vision into reality

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