Future Articles

Below is a list of future articles.

A speculative look at the future of surface transport.

The public have spoken. Given the choice between public transport and travelling in their own car, they choose the car. And distributors prefer door to door delivery by truck.
But is this about to change? Will we see the emergence of a surface public transport system which provides the individual with the privacy and comfort of a car?
“I have done my homework and you have a reputation for spinning marginal organisations like mine around and pointing them in winning directions”.
This article tells the story of an amazing turn around in only eighteen months.
Using Best Practices© to gain the full commitment of all the players you depend on to achieve your organisation’s goals
Best Practices© provides organisations with a complete methodology to:
  • Ensure full and effective implementation of strategies
  • Achieve full alignment throughout the organisation
  • Gain the buy in and motivation of employees to these goals providing they are involved in the setting of Best Practices©
  • The creation of a customer focused ‘can-do’ culture.
  • Increase the number of loyal profitable customers.

How to run daily five minute ‘standing meetings’

Never underestimate the emotional power of the huddle.
How FWI clients around the world are using five minute meetings with incredible results on morale, communications and commitment to enterprise goals.
Creating a strategy focused workforce

Tug of war can be fun - providing everyone pulls in the same direction. 

The truth is that most organisations don’t even come close.
Gallup research shows that only 21% of people around the world are committed to their employer.
Learn how to gain 100% commitment and loyalty of your employees to your goals.  You’ve earned it. You pay 100% of their salaries!