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How effective leaders ignite pride, commitment and loyalty

May 24, 2007

by Colin Hudson, FWI Licensee
Many of us wake up every day and look forward to getting to work. We find our jobs stimulating and exciting. 
But we are often puzzled by the lack of enthusiasm our colleagues display.
The sad fact is that approximately 80% of employees do not share your excitement because they feel no emotional commitment to their boss or their company! 
While many of these people work hard, they all share one dominant thought: “Keep out of trouble!” They will do whatever the boss requests, but no more. 
The consequence is there for all to see with customer delight metrics being at an all time low.
You can spend all your energy trying to figure out how to fascinate and convince prospects and ultimately convert them into loyal passionate customers who would not dream of purchasing elsewhere. But without the passionate commitment of your colleagues you are likely to be thwarted.
The rewards for gaining passionate commitment are immense
According to the Gallup Organisation, profits accruing from purchases by loyal customers are 25% -100% higher than from those who only buy from you because it is convenient to do so or because your products are heavily discounted. 
These startling statistics are based on surveys they have conducted around the world in more than 60 industries with more than 10 million customers.
But that is just the beginning of the good news. Evangelical customers insist that their colleagues and acquaintances purchase from the companies they love and respect. This is equally important in boosting profitability and ensuring the longer term profit sustainability of the organisation.
However it’s not all roses
The same research also revealed that without the enthusiastic support of employees to go the extra mile and build emotional bonds with customers, many organisations only operate at a third of their potential.
Many organisations ignore the opportunity to gain employee commitment to create great customer experiences and instead invest heavily in customer facing technology. 
And this does not work. According to Forrester Research, an amazing 90% of business and IT executives strongly agreed that business results anticipated for technology solutions and implementing CRM were NOT achieved!
The banking sector has revealed extremely low loyalty from their customers who regularly use ATMs for their banking emphasising the point.
It is absolutely clear that positive emotional bonds so vital to the creation of customer loyalty and sustainable profitability are created mainly through interaction of customers with enthusiastic committed employees.
The good news
There are companies harnessing the enthusiasm and commitment of their employees, customers and suppliers.
FWI clients around the world make incredible claims about the changes they have achieved after implementing the FWI programmes which gain management and employee commitment and enthusiasm. They become customer focused and develop a ‘can do’ culture.
It is essential that positive emotional bonds are built and maintained at a very high level between management and employees and employees and customers.
A quick glance at reveals the delight of top management of companies using FWI programmes which have created employee commitment and customer loyalty.
“I cannot say enough good things about your program. Your "Passion Creates Profit" profit improvement program has helped us to be more customers oriented and establish the "CAN DO" attitude...“
Kaveh Someah, Director, Power & Industrial, Eimco Water Technologies, USA     more….
Amazingly, FWI clients report incredible results just two months after embarking on their year long programme.  
The keys to successfully gaining the commitment of employees and the passionate loyalty of customers
 ·         Be very clear about what you want to be famous for and where you expect to be in two years time and then ensure that every single employee shares these goals.
 ·         Spend between 30 -60 minutes a month one on one with each of your direct reports in order to ensure alignment of their activities with the company goals.
 ·         Adopt a Strategic GamePlan© in order to place your management, employees, customers, suppliers and investors in the centre of your long, medium and short term planning.
 ·         Develop a customer focused ‘can-do’ culture.
When top management builds positive emotional bonds with employees and fully empower them to deliver legendary service, they in turn will provide customers with a service experience they believe they won’t get anywhere else.
These loyal passionate customers purchase products with better margins throughout the year thus boosting corporate profits and customer delight metrics thus gratifying top management.
AND it works in reverse as well. If top management have the extra cash to invest in customer delight, the job of the employees becomes more rewarding increasing their commitment to the organisation and thus the cycle is reversed and re-enforces itself endlessly creating a sustainable high margin business.
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