Winning Tips for Executive Success

Jun 26, 2007

Practical advice on becoming a future winner
  • Focus your top management on the development of passionate, loyal customers, talented performers and strong managers.
  • Innovation is the life blood of your organisation. Many non-creative leaders feel threatened and chase creative employees away. They will kill your enterprise. Seek them and liberate them.
  • Managers expect scientific advances to accelerate rapidly in the future. They expect them. Yet few expect the art of management to do the same! 
  • Invite FWI to awake them to the deluge of emerging products and services and the radical changes in customer and employee expectations which are about to break over their heads. 
  • We can help you develop a vibrant management culture.
  • Ensure your organisation is strategy focused.
  • Never tolerate tyranny by silo managers.
  • Many silo managers focus on their own business plans which neither strategic nor are they fully aligned with corporate vision and goals.
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