Where have all the Visionary Leaders Gone?

Jun 26, 2007

Written by Darron Tarr, FWI Franchisee
There are six fast answers to this question.
The first is that too many companies are cursed with the best CEO operators in the world! They focus so little time and attention on the strategic development of their organisation but react on an incident by incident basis to events as they occur.
The second is that so many of our senior executives pride themselves on being able to make ‘hard’ decisions which benefit shareholders but wittingly or unwittingly damn the building of emotional bonds with employees and customers thus killing morale, commitment and loyalty.
Thirdly, there appears to be great deal of trepidation on the part of senior executives about embracing any initiative which focuses on emotional engagement with employees.
Fourthly, too much of top management time, especially of medium size enterprises, has been diverted to focus on compliance and consultation issues.
Fifthly, it is essential that governments’ back off on the huge burden they place on top management of SMEs.
And finally, many CEOs spend much of their lives doing the work and making the decisions which their subordinates should undertake.
No wonder we at Future Winners International are so concerned.
Darron Tarr, a FWI franchisee, says it is essential that senior executives have the time and make the time to redesign their organisations to survive the emergence of low cost competitors, the rapid and clamorous growth of customer power, unrelenting change, collapsing barriers to entry, continuous mergers and acquisitions, together with the launch of wave after wave of new computers and telephones which have led to dramatic changes in customer and employee expectations and to the entire business environment itself.
He says that four changes to the way organisations are managed are essential. 
Each CEO must play a key visionary role developing an entirely new way to conceive and deliver a winning future and vision.  
·         CEOs must harness the power and commitment of all managers and employees to effectively and efficiently implement the strategies required to reinvent their organisations as dynamic customer focused ‘can do’ enterprises.
·         The purpose and activities of each team of people within the company must be completely aligned in order to optimise delivery, resource utilisation, to radically enhance morale and to cut unnecessary friction which is endemic between teams or departments working silos in most organisations
·         CEOs need to adopt a range of new tools designed by FWI to meet the changing aspirations and demands of the twenty-first century employee. 
Many CEOs will view these suggestions with kindly amusement wondering where they will find the time to become visionaries or cheer leaders.
The truth is they have no alternative. Those who are unable to provide their organisation with a vision and then ensure that each employee is not only aligned to its implementation but fully buys in will never stand a chance of becoming a future winner in our global and local business environment of accelerating change and ever increasing competition.
The next truth is that they will be unable to undertake this radical change without external support. Trying to do it on their own will be as dangerous as us asking a medical student to undertake brain surgery!
A small number of reputable companies specialise in corporate re-invention and are able to assist CEOs to become the future winners through a range of highly effective, sophisticated and advanced programmes.
Future Winners International operates globally providing accessible and affordable solutions for companies of all sizes.
Comments by Executives on five continents on the programmes Future Winners International conduct border on fanatical support. 
Kaveh Someah, a director of Eimco Water Technologies in the USA reportsI cannot say enough good things about your program. Your "Passion Creates Profit" profit improvement program has helped us to be more customers oriented and establish the "CAN DO" attitude...“
Darron Tarr reports that FWI have an enviable track record for assisting CEOs to make these changes to become the future winners their stakeholders expect them to become.
Where are our visionaries? Those of us who have seen the future are waiting with bated breath!
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