Preventing today’s fears from becoming tomorrow’s nightmares

Aug 16, 2007

For more than 30 years we have recorded the worst nightmares of CEOs around the world.
Those currently being experienced by CEOs include:
  • Losing markets overnight
  • Sudden loss of key customers or suppliers
  • Catastrophic loss of reputation
  • Unrealistic expectations of investors
  • Investing in a future which does not materialise
  • Challenge to authority or autonomy
  • Loss of key employees.
No wonder we CEOs are worried.
This decade has been characterised by sudden apocalyptic events, massive shifts in global markets and the reinvention of the way in which business itself is conducted.
Often we feel out of control as external forces buffet our organisations.
But the truth is that many of the impacts we experience are caused by our own inertia or even our own employees.
By utilising strategic planning tools and management systems specifically designed to ameliorate or even exploit the impact of external events beyond your control, and by gaining the commitment of your management team and employees, it is possible to enjoy a good night's sleep.
In the 21st century the dynamic driving forces propelling successful enterprises differ remarkably in make up and intensity from those which highly successful organisations developed and exploited in the 20th century.
The good news is that CEOs already possess most if not all of the dynamic driving forces necessary to propel their enterprise from good to great, boring to soaring, and from being a best kept secret to becoming a global household name.  Unfortunately these forces are often not recognised, fully developed or aligned.

This is largely the consequence of using Industrial Age strategic planning tools, management technologies and systems which are obsolete.  

To become a future winner every organisation needs to develop and harness the formidable power of these driving forces when fully implemented and acting in unison.

FWI Strategic GamePlans© and FWI Management Systems© enable CEOs to identify, fully develop, integrate and align these driving forces.

Join our clients. Future–ready your organisation to exploit the windows of opportunity which suddenly appear and just as suddenly close, and the threats to your company’s very survival raised as worst fears or nightmares by implementing FWI 21st century strategic planning and management systems and our skills as futurists to

  • Identify and exploit highly profitable future niches / markets
  • Reinvent your organisation to be a winner today and tomorrow
  • Fully align and strategically focus your people
  • Enjoy the passion and commitment of all stakeholders – investors, executives, managers, employees, customers and suppliers
  • Facilitate your journey from having a good reputation to having a great reputation
  • Fully develop and align the dynamic driving forces within your organisation
  • Ensure short, medium and long term profitability and growth
  • Energise your employees to become proud, enthusiastic and empowered, taking ‘ownership’ of the company and focusing on, and using their initiative to, achieve your corporate goals
  • Create a customer focused ‘can-do’ culture.
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