The future of lost socks

Jul 19, 2007

Isn’t it amazing how socks get lost in the wash! I once kept all my single sock survivors for 12 months as an experiment. At the end of the year I had lost seven!
Somewhere there must be a sock paradise that all these lost socks escape to where they can look down and gloat at our bewilderment.
But this will all change within a few years. Each garment we wear will have a chip recording when we wore it, where we went, how often it was washed, the water temperature, etc. But these chips will also enable us to track down the recalcitrant lost socks.
Then when we loudly complain about a missing favourite sock, instead of being humorously advised by one of our family to “Put a sock in it”, they will be telling us to “Put a chip in it”!
In the big scheme of things finding missing socks is probably not be a big issue in your life.  However the impact of future economic, political, social and lifestyle trends and of emerging technologies will be enormous.
Change next year and the year after is going to accelerate and any CEO hoping to make incremental changes to his company strategy to adapt with the changes will be eclipsed by fast moving competitors.
At least every two years a major review of future viability is absolutely essential.
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