Using video blogs to sell to generation Y

Jul 19, 2007

  • Have you heard this saying?
    'When I hear about it, I am curious,
     When I see it, I believe,
     But when I use it, I understand'.
    Companies are beginning to use video blogs which use gaming to provide 'real life' demonstrations for a whole range of activities.
    Some sell the benefits of the products or services they sell
  • Others demonstrate how to use their products effectively
  • Video blogs are also being used very effectively in the war for talent to market job vacancies by demonstrating exactly what life on the job will be like and exactly what it entails
  • They are also being used to train people on a wide range of topics
  • Several companies have recently launched games helping trainees to understand the costs and implications of slow service and poor attitude.
Generation Y and some of us a little older respond well to learning and doing by playing, Making it fun and accessible works for them and us.
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