Take the FWI company survival check

Jun 26, 2007

1.          Does your organisation enjoy the evangelical support of more than 15% of your customers? Do they rave about the service they receive? Do they insist their friends and business colleagues give you their business?
2.          Would you describe 50% of your employees as committed? Are they enthusiastic, build a positive motivational climate? Do they go the extra mile for clients?
3.          Is internal customer service focused on by management?
4.          Do you measure the levels of internal customer service?
5.          Are ninety percent of your employees able to make a 30 second elevator pitch on what your organisation’s goals and objectives are?
6.          Would they be able to tell friends and clients proudly about your organisation’s contribution to society?
7.          Do know what each of your subordinates like most and least about the way you manage them?
8.          Do you know what each of your employees would change today if they had the power to do so?     
9.          Do you sit down one on one with each immediate subordinate for 30 – 60 minutes once a month to discuss where your organisation is going and the outcomes you expect him or her to deliver
        during the next month?
10.      Would more than 50% of your employees say they enjoy a ‘can do’ culture in which they are valued for unusual contributions to their internal and external customers?                                                                         
If you did not place at least six ticks in the ‘yes’ column, you might like to consider contacting Future Winners International Ltd which is based in London but operates worldwide.   Phone us on + 44 79 6022 7478 or e-mail our CEO Alan J Whitaker at
We will explain how you can reinvent your company through the FWI techniques used internationally to improve the profitability and long term viability of all kinds of organisation.